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Sophisticated Mediterranean beauty

A few steps from the sea

In between sky and sea, CanneBianche_ is waiting, an oasis in the heart of the region, where you can experience the most authentic beauty of the Mediterranean.
We believe in a concept of genuine and spontaneous hospitality, intense like the colours of our land, and we try to transmit the most precious traditions, through the simplicity of a daily gestures. We love taking care of our guests and making their stay special and unforgettable. Our local friends will reveal the secrets of the most precious corners of Puglia to visit, for an eno-gastronomic, cultural or adventurous experience.

Sophistication and essentiality are at the base of our lifestyle, inspired by the elegance of the past and the comforts of the present.
Colours, flavours and sounds will demonstrate the seasons of CanneBianche_ and the South of Italy, so that every day you will remember and be able to relive those emotions that transformed your holiday into an unforgettable EXPERIENCE.
The wisdom of our grandmothers kneading poor ingredients, the fatigue of the fishermen pulling the nets, the peasants caring the land. CanneBianche_ tells its story, combining the uniqueness of the past with the refined simplicity of the present.

Your stay at CanneBianche_ will be a journey towards total relaxation.
For us luxury means elegance of the past, simplicity and authenticity.

We know our guests’ tastes and passions, and we ensure your holiday will be an unforgettable experience.
You can enjoy a tailor-made holiday at CanneBianche enabling you to relax and discover the most authentic and secret areas of Puglia.




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