pet policy

Pet Policy
Condition of stay and policy

We are happy to finally be able to welcome your furry friend and that they can enjoy a well-deserved holiday together with their owners.

Since only a limited number of rooms are pet-friendly, it is mandatory that the hotel is informed of the presence of a pet at the time of the booking.
The booker must sign the pet policy form and submit within 10 days prior to the arrival a VET certificate to confirm that the pet is healthy and that vaccinations and anti-parasitic treatments have been regularly carried out and are up-to-date.

Should the guest refuse to accept our pet policy and/or should fail to submit the VET certificate, we will be forced to deny the access to the pet who will be transferred to the closer animal shelter/pension at the guest’s expenses. Should the guest decide to cancel the booking or leave the hotel, the hotel cancellation policy will apply.

There are designated areas that will be provided for pet walking and playing.
These are indicated on the map provided upon arrival. In the pet-friendly areas but also in common areas, pets must be kept on a leash or in a pet carrier. It is also recommended that you bring a muzzle with you.
The owner or person who is looking after the dog is required to collect and dispose of the dog’s waste. Pet waste bins are located near every pet-friendly area.

The room booked is the only place where pets can roam free. However, it is important that guests keep an eye on their pet to make sure they do not flee and that they are safely contained in case our team needs to access the room (for a room service, maintenance, etc.).
Pets are allowed into the restaurant, but only to the designated areas and only during lunch and dinner. Please book your table in advance so that our restaurant team can assign a table away from other pets or from guests who might be allergic. During breakfast, pets are not allowed to the restaurant.
Please note that pets cannot be allowed to swim in the pool, but they are welcome to enjoy the pool area in the designated umbrella stations on the lawn.

While we understand that your pet may be fully house-trained and that he may be used to being home alone, we are afraid that the hotel room might result as an unfamiliar place for them, and being alone might cause stress for your pet. For this reason guests should never leave their pet unattended and in case of need, please inquire with our front desk so that they can help you arrange a pet-sitting service, at an additional charge.

Canne Bianche_ Lifestyle Hotel should not be held responsible for pets staying at the property and our team (except for the appointed pet sitters or dog walkers) cannot look after, feed or walk your pet.

Only dogs and cats under 12 kg (26 lb) are allowed.
Pets must be well trained and behaved but also clean and well kept.

€ 30.00 per pet per night, maximum 1 pet under 12 kg per room booked.

The hotel will provide:
• dog bed
• water and food bowls
• a surprise gift for the pet
• a map of the pet-friendly areas of the hotel where pets are welcome
• map of the pet-friendly beaches and walking paths nearby
• dog waste bags available at the front desk
• emergency contacts of a vet

other services available on request and upon availability at a charge:

• dog walker
• pet-sitter
• dedicated pet menu
• day-care nearby and groomer

At the time of the check-in, the guest will be charged a € 100.00 refundable safety deposit that will be reimbursed on departure, after a routine inspection of the room.
Should there be any damage caused by the presence of a pet, and should the room need an extraordinary cleaning, the caution will be kept as penalty. Any further damage to the room or the hotel in general will be charged accordingly. For this reason, the guest must provide a credit card as guarantee.
Please allow enough time for the inspection after leaving the hotel.

The daily cleaning of the room, especially because of the current H&S measures, requires the room ventilation and chemical products might be used for cleaning purposes.
To avoid the pet getting lost or scared by our housekeepers, and to prevent them from inadvertently getting in contact with cleaning products, we suggest that pets are removed from the room during the cleaning procedure and that food and personal objects are placed in a safe environment.
The hotel reserves the right to refuse cleaning the room if the pet is in the room and/or outside of their carrier.

Noise complaint: our first aim is to guarantee a relaxing and calm environment for all our guests. The owner is fully responsible for their pet’s actions. Should we receive complaints because of a pet being loud or aggressive, we will immediately inform the owner and in case the problem persists, our team might ask that the animal be transferred to a local shelter/pension at the owner’s expenses.

The owner of the pet accepts full responsibility for their pet and will not hold the hotel, its owners, managers or employees liable for any accidents involving their pet.