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Rituals and treatments

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Unique wellness rituals.

In our SPA the water and the care of every gesture shape your well-being 
in a balance of sounds, scents and colors that re-establishes the perfect harmony between body and mind. Our rituals are inspired by beauty, the simplicity of nature and well-being, in a pleasantly suspended time. Regenerate with our tailor-made treatments.

Opening hours:

Everyday from 9.30 to 19.00

Coccole Pugliesi - Signature treatments more

Indulge in sweet moments of pure relaxation with face and body rituals 
based on natural products and 0 km wild herbs, grown in our garden: the Coccole Pugliesi (Apulian Cuddles). The Coccole Pugliesi are the exclusive signature treatments by Canne Bianche and contain the essence of our land: they smell of sea, nature and authenticity.
The ideal ritual for those who wants to focus on their "remise en forme". 
It consists of 3 phases: a toning and keratolytic scrub, a draining and firming mud and a final massage with the essential oils of grapefruit, lemon and orange that improve both blood circulation and metabolism. 
Duration of the treatment: 80 minutes
Orto di Puglia
Well-being Ritual with an ancient tradition. Its secret lies in the linen bags made with lava stones, salt from the Dead Sea and Apulian wild herbs that are gently placed and massaged on the full body with the local olive oil. The purifying power of salt and herbs, together with the magnetic warmth of the stones will bring equilibrium and lightness to your body.
Duration of the treatment: 50 minutes
Smooting peeling based on local natual extracts of rosemary, laurel, lemon leaves and lavender that are mixed together with our extra virgin olive oil. 
Duration of the treatment: 50 minutes
Hands Cuddles
Special treatment to moisturize and regenerate your hands. This ritual consists o f an aroma therapeutic hand bath, an oxygenating and exfoliating scrub and a nourishing mask. 
Duration of the treatment: 40 minutes
Feet Cuddles
Precious cuddles for your feet to make them fell silky and light. This ritual consists of an aroma therapeutic foot bath, an oxygenation and exfoliating scrub and a nourishing mask. 
Duration of the treatment: 40 minutes

Angoli Pugliesi - Rituals more

Your ultimate journey to wellness begins here. 
The Angoli Pugliesi rituals (Apulian Corners rituals) are designed to give to your  body and mind, balance and beauty, each ritual also includes the use of a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath or hydromassage (depending on the ritual chosen), total body massage and the use of the relaxation area with herbal tea.
La Macchia Mediterranea 
This treatment inspired to an ancient ritual aimed at nourishing 
your skin with essences and fragrances of Puglia. It starts with a remineralising scrub with extract of poppy, sage, rosemary and mint, followed by a massage with grape seeds oil to relieve tensions and relax your body and mind. 
Duration of the ritual: 80 minutes
Il Vitigno 
Polysensory treatment based on red fruit with antioxidant and vitamin functions. Moisturising and illuminating face mask containing hyaluronic acid and beaberry extract followed by a body tratment made with cosmetic yoghurt enriched with goji berries, bearberry and red grapes. 
Duration of the ritual: 80 minutes
Al Mare 
Aromatherapy scrub and revitalizing massage with the Mediterranean essences and fragrances of pepper, sweet orange, lavander, marjoram, rosemary and a warm and spicy touch of myrrh.
Duration of the ritual: 80 minnutes
Al Sole 
Exclusive body and face ritual to prepare your skin to the exposure 
to the sun and accelerate the production of melanin, for a faster, more uniform and lasting tan. The special synergy of sand and micro-granules of vanilla together with carrot and walnut husk oil will guarantee an unbelievable exfoliation action to help your skin radiance and hydration.
Duration of the ritual: 50 minutes

Facial Treatments more

Eye-Define Mask
Eye treatment with a lifting shock-effect to erase the signs of tiredness and small wrinkles localised in the eye area with an instant and lasting action. 
Duration of the treatment: 25 minutes
Connective Mask
Specific treatment to relax face tissues and muscles. The alginate mask improves firmness and tone, lifting tissues and sculpting your cheekbones and face.
Duration of the treatment: 50 minutes

Body Massages more

Serenity Massage
A wonderful relaxing massage, where fluid manoeuvres will ease tensions from your body. It relieves stress and daily fatigue: for the wellbeing of body and mind.
Duration of the massage: 25 minutes or 50 minutes
Candle Massage
The Candle Massage is a concentrate of well-being for the body and mind. The precise movements, enhanced by the beneficial action of the heat, relax muscles and free them from contractures. The vegetable oils and butters that are poured onto the skin have a moisturizing and nourishing effect, making it smooth like velvet. 
Duratin of the massage: 50 minutes
Couple Massage
Unique bonding experience that allows the both of you to relax together, at the same time. This massage is specifically designed to revitalize, rehydrate your skin and to make you feel closer to your other half. 
Duration of the massage: 50 minutes
Seafront Couple Massage
A double massage in a seafront location. Surrounded by the colours of our land and tickled by the sound of the waves. 
Duration of the massage: 50 minutes
Hot-Stone Massage
Relaxing massage made with hot stones and warm oils that will help release tension and achieve an intense sense of relaxation. 
Duration of the massage: 50 minutes
Benessere Mamma
From the Ayurvedic tradition, this massage is dedicated to pregnant women, to make them feel more beautiful and fit and to improve wellbeing. In addition to giving strength and stimulate microcirculation, this massage relieves pain, cramps and tensions, especially affecting feet and calves. Also recommended during breastfeeding. 
Duration of the massage: 50 minutes
Massaggio Ayurvedico
Massage technique of Indian origins, very effective for body care, beauty and spiritual harmony. It is ideal in order to balance the body by generating physical and mental well-being. 
Duration of the massage: 50 minutes

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